American Assistance

American Assistance is a Lifeline Assistance program brought to you by American Broadband and Telecommunications and supported by the Federal Universal Service Fund. Qualified applicants can receive a FREE cell phone, 250 FREE monthly minutes and 250 FREE text messages.

You may qualify for American Assistance, a Lifeline Assistance Program, if you participate in programs such as Food Stamps or Medicaid. Call us to see if you qualify for American Assistance @ 1.866.966.2628 or visit the American Assistance site and learn more about eligibility requirments.

Program Benefits

  • Free Cell Phone
  • Free 250 Minutes Per Month
  • Free 250 Text Messages Per Month
  • Free Caller ID
  • Free Call Waiting
  • Free 3 Way Calling
  • Free Voicemail
  • No Monthly Bill
  • No Contracts
  • No Money Down
  • No Purchase Necessary

Call 1.866.966.2628 or visit the American Assistance site today. http://www.americanassistance.com.